February 24, 2024

5 Ancient Greece Project Ideas to Use in Curricula

Ancient Greece has been the foundation of modern western history for centuries now. From famous Greeks like Socrates to their many impacts on modern civilization, there is a lot to learn. From classroom acting to vibrant discussions, here are a few Ancient Greece project ideas to get the Greek fire burning.

5 Fun Ancient Greece Project Ideas for Any Age

Ancient Greece Project

Ancient Greece has dozens of different areas to tackle for fun segments and educational influences. You can spend an entire year on architecture, mathematics, or philosophy.

Ancient Olympics

The Greeks held the first Olympics over 2,000 years ago. The modern take on the Olympics took a lot of details from the original events and there is a lot you can learn about a culture from how they treat sports.

Recreate the many pivotal moments and traditions from the Olympic games. Have your students represent their city-state and identify the rules and strategies behind the popular ancient Greek games.

The spirit of competition will help them pay attention and flourish as they compete to learn Olympic facts.

A Session With Socrates

Ancient Greece Project

Socrates was the father of modern philosophy. He also led a very interesting life.

With a bit of roleplaying, you can recreate Socrates’ classroom. Teach the subjects that Socrates taught and spark the debates that fueled ancient Greek philosophy.

If you are daring, you can even create Socrates’ famous trial, allowing students to use their knowledge of the philosopher to defend him!

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City State Politics

Ancient Greece was not a unified structure, despite many always referencing it as a whole country. Instead, it was a series of city-states and each of them had a distinct personality.

Like the team spirit idea from the Olympics, sort your classroom into city-states that fit their style. Have them barter, discuss, and communicate with the rest of the class.

This allows each student to see a bit of the politics involved in ancient Greece. These can reflect well on how different groups interact in the modern world.

A Tale of the Gods

Ancient Greece Project

Greek mythology is one of the most well-known and well-liked collections of myths in the western hemisphere. It is also filled with bombastic personalities and over-the-top situations, perfect for back-and-forth classroom dynamics.

The history of Greek drama and myth can give a vibrant understanding of how culture builds around its ideas.

Be careful, though, not all Greek myths are child-appropriate, so keep that in mind.

Seeing the Greek Landmarks

Greece is a beautiful place and through wonderful luck and preservation, many of ancient Greece’s monuments still stand to this day. There is no better way to view history than by seeing the landmarks in person.

A beautiful trip to Greece could be a wonderful field trip, able to see places like the Parthenon or the Valley of Temples.

Affording a big class trip can be expensive, but if you can pull it off, a Greece cruise is something you’ll never forget.

Crafting a Classroom

Ancient Greece Project

There are many ways to run a classroom and we at Teachers with Apps are here to help you find the way that best suits you and your students. We hope these Ancient Greece project ideas help your curricula.

Check out our other posts for all sorts of classroom ideas.

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