July 22, 2024

5 Common AC Problems in the Summer

The reality of global warming, rising temperatures, and the passing of the era when air conditioning systems were a luxury are all undeniable. Nowadays, a large proportion of homes in the United States rely on their air conditioners to help them escape from the constantly rising summer heat. If their AC stops operating or performs poorly, they may quickly find themselves in a whole world of unpleasantness.

AC Problems

After all, haven’t we all, including your consumers, become so accustomed to pleasant air from their air conditioners that an emergency situation becomes critical when the situation deteriorates? This is when it’s useful to have some understanding of the most prevalent problems that can affect an air conditioner.

Even if they aren’t able to repair the problem themselves, knowing what’s going on with their AC is still beneficial. This is exactly where you come in, as it’s your responsibility to explain all of the most frequent issues that can occur with their air conditioning system and allow them to know what’s up and to contact you at the first sign of trouble

What Are The Most Common Air Conditioner Issues During Summer?

There is a wide range of problems that can plague your customers’ air conditioning units throughout the entire cooling season, making it all the more difficult for them to find cool air and respite from incessant summer heats. Knowing what the most common issues are can help them either prevent them or call you on time to react quickly and restore the operations of their AC.

Most of these difficulties are beyond the capacity of most homeowners who lack experience with air conditioning maintenance and repair. However, simply recognizing what the most prevalent issues are and how to identify them can assist your customers in determining when they should contact you and prevent the problem from escalating.

AC Not Turning On

5 Common AC

The most obvious and potentially the most difficult issue to resolve is an air conditioner that simply won’t turn on. There are many reasons behind this particular problem, such as a tripped breaker, a blown fuse, a faulty compressor, poor capacitors, and many other things. It’s usually best for your customers to try the circuit breaker and the fuses. If that doesn’t do the trick, they should reach out to you to help them.

Problems With The Refrigerant

Refrigerant leaks are also an extremely common occurrence, especially in aging air conditioning units that might still be using Freon as their refrigeration agent. If your customers notice that their unit isn’t operating as it used to and all internal components seem to be in good condition, there might be a leak. It’s imperative they react quickly and prevent adverse health effects from occurring.

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Leaking Ducts

Leaking ducts are also among the most prominent problems with centralized air conditioning systems. However, it’s good to know that this is usually an easy problem to resolve for professional technicians and you should explain to your customers that there’s nothing for them to worry about if this happens.

Dirty Filter


Another extremely common problem is a dirty filter. Your customers can easily forget to replace or clean their filter before the season if their AC is running well. However, they need to at least check it and ensure its condition before they keep using their air conditioner during the summer. Otherwise, they’ll experience reduced efficiency and poor indoor air quality.

Poor Airflow

Finally, bad airflow is another common issue in various types of air conditioners. This can happen due to a wide range of causes, such as poor motor, dirt and debris, worn belts, faulty wiring, and many other factors. Advise your customers to contact you as soon as they notice bad airflow.

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