December 5, 2022

5 Restaurant Promotion Ideas You Can Automate

Technology and social media have grown powerful in the food industry today because they solve a major problem. They help restaurants reduce operational costs and improve their marketing.

Keeping your customers coming is the life-blood of your business. For any business, nearly seven in ten sales come from repeat customers. So you must develop promotional tactics to have your customers returning, again and again, to buy from you.

Restaurant Promotion

However, running a business is tough. You may not have the time to promote that business. That’s why you need automation.

So what promotion ideas can be set on autopilot? Let’s explore your options.

Discount Points for Ordering Online

Lots of restaurants have web pages and mobile apps that make it easy for their customers to order food online. You can use the platform as a means of promoting your brand further by offering discount points for every purchase users make.

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This strategy will help keep things interesting while retaining your customers’ loyalty and patronage. Once the discount points get to a certain level, you can offer the winners a chance to redeem them for free meals or bonus prizes.

Using Social Media Promotions to Gain New Customers

Restaurant Promotion

A 2019 survey revealed that the average daily social media usage of people around the world amounted to 144 minutes each day. That level of attention makes social media platforms excellent promotional tools for restaurants.

However, you can break things. So you must be tactical here.

When posting on social media, always ensure that you use visually stunning images and templates that make your brand stand out from others. Focus on a call-to-action that redirects people to your website. Make sure that your posts successfully capture the attention of social media users.

More so, encourage your patrons to follow and share your restaurant’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts. Promote every event on these platforms to gain more diners and potential repeat customers. Yes, people are more likely to buy things based on social media referrals.

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Sending Newsletters for Specials and New Recipes

Promotion Ideas

Monthly newsletters act as a means of keeping your customers engaged while promoting your restaurant. They can contain anything from new recipes to menus highlighting food and drink choices. You could also include free coupons for limited periods and other forms of promotion to cater to your customer’s tastes.

When creating your restaurant’s newsletters, you should ensure that they are highly visual and contain enough captivating images. Studies reveal that people remember 80 percent of what they see and 20 percent of what they read.

The human brain processes images faster and better than texts. Before sending out your newsletters, make sure they’re device friendly, include links to your website for placing orders, and use social buttons.

Online Listings and Ads

Online listings are one of the first steps to help your restaurant get discovered on the internet. Ask any digital marketing expert, and they’ll tell you that listing your business on popular sites is one of the effective methods of promoting your brand.


You can get ratings, reviews, and testimonials of your services on these platforms. Use captivating ads to showcase what your restaurant has to offer the public and why people should choose you.

Investing in paid ads on popular websites is an effective way to build the traffic base of your restaurant’s platform. While creating your ads, make sure they contain more visuals and provide more value to your customers’ lives.

Influencer Marketing

Food is one of the most popular post categories on Instagram. This fact allows restaurant owners to capitalize on people’s love of posting about their food and drinks to promote their businesses.

Social media influencers have risen in popularity in the past few years. Most companies use them to promote their brands. They help businesses increase their views and impressions on social media while improving their customer reach.


Before choosing an influencer to endorse your restaurant online, you need to perform due diligence to figure out the right one for your brand. It might hurt your business if you don’t find someone that shares the same values as you.

If you’re unsure how to start the process, simply list out the restaurant influencers and bloggers you know. Send outreach emails to them, and invite them to your place to share their thoughts on different topics. Your conversations with them will help you find out if they’ll be a good fit for your brand or not.

Wrap Up

These automated promotional ideas serve as great ways of supercharging your restaurant’s marketing efforts and raising brand awareness. The result of all this is that you’ll create loyal customers and improve your businesses’ bottom line. However, you can only automate these ideas after you’ve chosen the right hosting infrastructure that suits your restaurant.

Restaurant Promotion Ideas

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