December 5, 2023

7 Easy Ways to Clean Your Kid’s Room

The amount of mess the little ones can make in an extremely short period of time can be amazing and as you strive to keep their space always tidy and hygienic, it can be overwhelming and make you feel stuck in a never-ending cycle. However, you can rest easy knowing that you can make this venture more efficient with a couple of great tips.


According to the renowned NW Maids in Portland, there are several simple steps you can follow to keep your child’s room spick and span without stressing out. Keep reading to learn what they are.

How Do You Clean a Child’s Room?

Devising an efficient plan to tackle your kid’s room can save you a lot of time and trouble. Take a look at the steps you can take to restore cleanliness and order to your kid’s room more effectively and with less stress.

Deal With The Clothes

Start decluttering the room by picking up all the clothes you find lying around. Have a caddy or a hamper with you so you can put away any dirty garments that you’ll later take to the laundry room. If you come across any clean clothing, make sure you fold them and put them back into the closet.

Take Out The Trash

Once the clothes are out of the way, spotting various pieces of trash will be much easier. Grab a trash bag and pick up any food wrappers, crumpled papers, used tissues, or any other pieces of garbage. Make sure you also check hard-to-reach places such as under the bed.

Collect The Toys

Now that almost all the clutter is gone, it’s time to take care of the toys and put them back where they belong. As you pick them up, check if any of them are dirty or stained and place those that are in a separate container so you can clean and sanitize them later.

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It’s possible to wash both stuffed and plastic toys. However, when it comes to mechanical toys, all you should do is spray a bit of disinfectant onto a clean cloth and wipe them down.

Get Rid of Dust

Your little one’s room is now completely free of clutter and it’s time to take care of the dust. Use a damp cloth and start working your way from top to bottom. Wipe down the light fixtures, then move on to the walls, window sills, shelves, and other surfaces, all the way down to the baseboards. Don’t tackle the floor just yet.


After removing the dust, move on to disinfecting high-touch areas. Grab a clean cloth and your disinfectant and wipe down door knobs, light switches, drawer knobs, and desk surfaces.

Tackle The Windows

The mirrors and windows in your child’s room are typically all covered in their fingerprints. Mix a natural solution by pouring equal parts of water and rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle and spray it onto the glass surfaces to successfully remove those smudges and dirt with a clean microfiber cloth.

Finalize With The Floor

It’s finally time to take care of the floor. Vacuum the entire surface, covering both carpet areas and the hardwood floors to get rid of any loose dirt. Dilute your favorite floor disinfectant and mop to finish off.

Depending on your child’s age, you can also include them in various cleaning activities and make it fun and amusing for all. Not only is it beneficial for their development and understanding of responsibility, but it’s also a perfect way to reduce the time you spend tending to their room.

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