December 5, 2023

How Your Air Conditioner Is Serviced And How Often It Needs Servicing?

Air Conditioner Is Serviced

Most of you must be having an air conditioner at your home. People who live in Singapore must be having multiple units of air conditioners installed at their homes, as the climate remains hot and humid almost throughout the year.

Most of you must be using the services of Airconservicing in Singapore who is offering an excellent air conditioning service for more than the last 18 years with very nominal charges. Have you ever wondered how your air conditioners are serviced?

Before going further, it will not be out of place to answer a few common questions regarding your air conditioner servicing.

1.    Why air conditioner servicing is so important?

Often a minor issue, if it remains overlooked can turn into a major problem and you may end up spending a lot of money on its repair.

2.    How often should you get your air conditioners serviced?

Often people overlook the importance of regular servicing. However, you must understand that your AC unit is constantly exposed to dust that may get accumulated in due course of time and it needs to be cleaned regularly.

So after every 3 to 4 months, you must get your AC serviced.

3.    At what frequency should you go for air conditioner servicing?

Depending upon the usage of your AC unit and also the surrounding condition of dust your servicing frequency is generally determined.

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The following activities are undertaken while servicing your air conditioner unit.

Air Conditioner Is Serviced 2

1.    Cleaning of air filter and fin

During operations, an air filter may gather a lot of dust. Ice buildup in your AC might be caused by dirty air filters. Your expert will wash and clean the air filter, and also rinse the condenser fins for any mould or dust accumulation.

2.    Cleaning of AC condenser and also the evaporator coil

Dust and filth are natural enemies of your air conditioner since they can cause it to overheat. The technician will remove the dust/debris from your condenser and evaporator coils during AC service.

3.    Cleaning of the evaporator fan

A technician will remove the dust and mould from your condenser and also evaporator fan blades during AC service. The condenser fan is normally located in the exterior unit of any split air conditioner.

4.    Cleaning of the drain and leakage check

During AC service, your technician will check to see if there is any water dripping anywhere in your unit. Your specialist will clean the drain and remove dirt and debris when performing AC service to prevent water leakage from the AC unit.

Air Conditioner Is Serviced 3

5.    Coolant level checking

During AC service, your technician will inspect the cooling/evaporator coils for correct coolant levels. When the coolant level falls below the required level, the temperature of the cooling coil falls well below normal, and your air conditioner stops cooling.

6.    Overall inspection of your AC unit

During AC servicing, professionals will evaluate critical components such as the fan motor, compressor, evaporator unit, thermostat, and condenser unit to look for any faults and replace them if necessary.

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