July 22, 2024

All about Digital Door Locks and the Need to Use Them

The digital locking system is now the most popular one used by people nowadays. If you require extra safety and security for your house or office then digital locks are far better than the traditional locks. This is because they have their advantages like a no physical key required and a new level of security system with the access control system.

Digital door locks are always a low-cost and easy-to-install system. Apart from being keyless, it also provides another way to enter the business premises like homes and schools without any need to carry the keys. If you are looking to buy one for your premises, then you need to check for a London-based locksmith who is good enough to make such door locks.

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Types of Digital door locks

Mechanical: This does not require power and is operated mechanically with push-button locks

Electronic: They work on electricity. Here the door access control system means that the locks can be opened by some pre-determined authentication. This is perfect for businesses, which require access for non-regular staff like cleaners and maintenance workers. There are three types of electric digital locks:

Electronic keypad: You have to just enter the code to get access

Biometric: Here it requires finger recognition

Smart cards: Which is used in hotels and buildings.

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Digital door locks can be used or installed on a particular range of doors like:

  • UPVC doors
  • Timber and wood doors
  • Aluminum and glass doors
  • External doors
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Advantages of Digital door locks

The advantages of using a digital door lock include:

  • There is no need to carry keys or use any spare keys
  • You will get keyless entry. No need to worry about the key getting lost
  • Perfect for houses where outsiders like nurses and caretakers can input the code before entering the premises
  • The same code can be used for all the family members and need not have to worry about changing codes
  • Quick access. Many times you can access control through a remote control system too.
  • You can use them with the existing door locks
  • Works best for both internal and external use
  • It works well for restricted areas like homes, offices, apartments, schools/colleges etc.

Digital door locks can last for many years. Their operation is very straightforward and they are easy to use. You do not require any additional hardware. It is always the best for small-budget systems.

Digital lock systems can be programmed at any time. this means that the system can be reinstated quickly if any problem arises or if there is any change in the staff.

Digital door locks
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So this may work well for schools and colleges where you have plenty of students entering the premises and you do not have to worry about distributing keys to everyone.

The code can also be updated whenever required for security or teachers who have already left the school.

A digital lock system is always a great option when you require to keep security at only particular times and at other times it can be set to free passage through the entire day.

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