December 5, 2023

Choosing Abstract Wallpapers and Wall Murals

Most of us might have a rough idea about abstract art, but very few of us would have thought about how it would be beneficial to have such art at home.

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The good news is that using abstract wallpaper designs draws attention to themselves and provokes thought about the themes they represent.

If you are ready to give your walls some personality and flair then putting up abstract wall murals is a great way to show off your style while they add visual appeal to any room. Abstract wallpapers and murals come in plentiful shades, colours, and a wide range of designs.

The choice of the ideal option for your home can seem overwhelming with so many accessible styles, colours, and patterns.

How to choose colours and patterns?

Examining the colours and patterns is very important when choosing an abstract wallpaper to beautify your walls.

Looking up images online makes this simple as you might find pictures of homes with similar wallpaper which could be a source of inspiration.

  • Soft colours like pastels or earthy tones provide a more peaceful mood
  • Bold, vibrant colours like red or yellow may energise and thrill a space.
  • The pattern will add the depth and interest you desire right from geometric shapes to free-form lines and shapes.
  • Choose an abstract wallpaper that either blends in with your current décor or stands out on its own.
  • Take a picture to know how it would appear on the wall before choosing one.
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Choosing the right material

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Some popular options for abstract wallpaper and murals are vinyl, paper, and non-woven cloth:

  • Vinyl is easy to clean and the most durable, which makes it perfect for heavy-traffic areas like kitchens and living rooms.
  • Paper is more delicate, but quite affordable too.
  • Non-woven cloth is both affordable and durable.


Choosing the texture

When choosing textures, consider what effect you want to achieve as it is all about personal choice and the statement you want to have on your walls.

  • A high gloss finish will reflect light in unexpected ways.
  • A rough texture will add more depth to the design of the wallpaper.


Measure your space

Measuring the area where you will put up your wallpaper ensures that you buy the appropriate quantity of wallpaper and prevent any waste or overlap.


Lighting is another crucial aspect to consider. Hence, make note of the location of your windows and the sort of lighting you intend to use in the space.

This will help you choose a wallpaper that improves and complements these characteristics.

  • Natural light illuminates each detail of the abstract wallpaper enhancing its beauty.
  • Artificial light can produce a more dramatic effect.


Abstract designs are available in bold colours, geometric shapes, and patterns but can also use lines, textures, and other elements that would give more depth to your walls and make them interesting.

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However,  it is important to consider the style and theme of your home décor as well as the aesthetic appeal you wish to achieve while choosing abstract wallpaper.

Choose the best one for your home to add a unique touch and accentuate the aesthetic appeal of any room.

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