December 5, 2023

How to Reduce the Amount of Cleaning When You Live With Pets

Cleaning your home regularly is a severe task one can’t afford to postpone, or it becomes even more complex and exhausting. Cleaning efforts become even more critical if we work from home and perform most of our daily activities there. If you add a furry pet to the equation, you can grasp how much cleaning you must do daily to secure a healthy and safe living environment. We all love our pets, but they can make a mess. Luckily I got valuable information and cleaning tips from My American Maid and suddenly it no longer seemed as difficult to do house cleaning and maintenance while owning a dog. Here’s how you can make your cleaning easier:


Dirt Shall Not Pass!

Dogs are the prime suspects when you spot large amounts of dirt and mud on your carpets and floors. It’s common for dogs to get really dirty while walking, especially if it’s rainy. This is especially true if they decide to run through puddles of water only to roll in the next pile of dirt they find. Keep a towel and a bottle of water by the front door to avoid spending hours scrubbing dirt off your floors! Stop the problem before it walks all over your house. Remember to use that towel and water to clean the dog’s paws and snout, then let them safely back inside.

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As soon as your pup enters, wipe off her paws. Make it a routine, the dog might complain initially. However, after a few walks, they will get used to it and patiently sit and wait for you to clean their paws before entering. You could also place mats inside and outside of your front door and train your dog to wait there while having its paws wiped.

Clean Toys Regularly

You should clean pet collars and toys regularly, but that’s really easy to forget. Typically, collars start developing an odor pretty quickly. The dishwasher works wonders for cleaning collars and toys of pets – it’s a fast and easy method. You can soak any collars and toys in dog shampoo for at least thirty minutes before washing them for deeper and more effective cleaning. Let everything dry after you rinse it with cold water.


Keep your home clean and smelling fresh by deep-cleaning your pet’s toys and collars. Not all pet products are of the same quality, so you can’t apply the same cleaning method to all of them. Basically, it depends on the type of toy and the material used, which can range from cheap, disposable toys to expensive, durable, and long-lasting ones. You may need to take special care when cleaning these. You should verify the proper care instructions with the manufacturer if this is the case.

Regular Brushing

Almost all pet owners struggle with keeping their pets clean because of their hair. Despite some breeds of dogs and cats not shedding very often, most others shed excessively. As a result, you need to scoop up pet fur regularly. However, it is critical to groom your pet regularly to reduce the amount of shedding. Preferably, you should brush the dog outside to 100% avoid any hair ending up on the floor or furniture. A few brushes per week can make a big difference, but if your schedule allows it, you can brush your home every day. In particular, brushing your cat can help to prevent hairballs and constipation. Keep your home clean by following a regular grooming schedule. Furthermore, dogs (and some cats) love to be brushed, so this is a great way to bond with them.


No matter how much effort you put into preventing as much dirt from entering your home as possible, regular cleaning is a must. The best way to secure a truly clean home is to hire a professional cleaning service that saves you a lot of time and energy you can allocate to do things you enjoy.

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