December 5, 2022

8 spectacular ideas for the Dinosaur themed birthday party

Is your kid obsessed with dinosaurs and wants to have a dinosaur-themed birthday party? Then here are 6 ways by which you could make his/her dream of a party come true.

Dinosaur Footprints

Dinosaur Footprints

Take cardboard paper and draw them out using a stencil. You can several copies of this and use them as decorations on the floor and the walls. You can make these footprints as a way that kids to follow to the party place.

Hint, a good way to bring color into the part would be to use different colors of cardboard paper.

Realistic Dinosaur Costumes

Now everyone does themed parties you know what would make yours memorable? In realistic dinosaur costumes, the parents or one of the family adults could wear them. These costumes look so real that at one look you’ll be baffled but that is what makes them the perfect addition for your dinosaur-themed party.

Dinosaur themed hats

Dinosaur themed hats

Now hats are something you can buy but getting them in the theme you want would be difficult. So you can buy plain caps and add a dinosaur touch you can cut out cardboard paper in their tail shape and stick them with glue to the plain caps. Hence your dinosaur-themed birthday party caps are ready!

Roar-filled backdrop

You can design a backdrop using a garden in which multiple dinosaurs are playing around. Though this will take some time with some helping hands, it won’t seem so difficult. After all, birthdays are a special celebration for kids who come around only once a year.

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Dinosaur themed snacks

Dinosaur themed snacks

Now that is difficult to tackle, you can order a fondant cake designed on a dinosaur from a bakery. For juice, you can add a bit of green food color or better yet a mint-flavored juice that the kids would enjoy, and also it will be healthy. Aside from chips, you can have dinosaur-shaped cookies and you can find the dinosaur-shaped stencil easily at the baker’s utensil shop.

Activity, digging for the dinosaurs

Now you can’t have kids running around the house to enjoy. So you must plan an activity that keeps them off your hands for a while. The mommies can enjoy it while they do the activity.

The activity you can plan around your theme is digging for the dinosaur. For this, you would need some helmets, shovels, buckets, and a ground full of mud. Kids can learn about paleontology and you can increase the twist to having a game comprising of a scavenger hunt.

Lava cakes

Dinosaur themed birthday party

This is going to add bling to your party decorations. The lava cakes look good on the table and will compliment your dinosaur-themed birthday cake. A definite treat for the sweet lovers

Dino Jars.

Now that everything is done, the last step is getting the favors. For this, you can buy little jars and dinosaurs stuck on the cap of those jars. In those jars, you can add some candies and treats for the kids. This would be the perfect end to your birthday party that they have enjoyed themselves to their fullest.

Let’s make these little celebrations of kids special with some effort and hope you can make some memories along the way you both can cherish for a lifetime.

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