July 22, 2024

Experiential Marketing Campaigns that People Still Remember

When we think of corporate world launches and events we think of people in formal clothes mingling around in a lavish party or a showcasing of a car in a showroom. Experiential marketing may be an event but it is a far cry from what launches are described above. They are unique events in which people make memories. They give people an experience that they will share and talk about.

experiential marketing

You still don’t get why you should get experiential marketing services?

Then probably these examples will help you understand that what a successful experiential marketing campaign can do for a brand

Red Bull 2012

The campaign was named “Stratos” an extreme sports event.

Red bull has always been known for its exciting and suspense-filled launches. In this event, the company paired up with a skydiver named Felix Baumgartner who is from Austria to do a jump of 128,000 feet (24 miles above the surface of the earth). This event not only got the people a memorable experience but also set a world record for the uppermost skydive ever done.

experiential marketing

The event was not just for people standing there but also for the world who watched it on a live stream done by Red Bull. This got then the highest viewing traffic on YouTube as well. The suspense before and between the jump had people hooked and the success had people celebrating with Red Bull. The memorability in this was not only experienced but also documentation of the genesis world record book.

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Refinery 29: The 29 Rooms

Hits the spot with the name doesn’t it? But you know what is cooler the way it is done every year. It is an exhibition that has 29 rooms and 29 brands with 1 theme. Each brand has to decorate its room creatively in a way that people can experience. Each room is done so differently that people get memories of each room because they are encouraged to create something in that room. This gives all brands no matter how big or small they are to win over people with the experience they give to people. The winner is the one who goes out of the box and stands out in the flock.

Leigh Cuisine

experiential marketing

We will be talking about their campaign named ‘Weigh this’. Most ads that are targeted at women often tell women to change themselves in one way or another. Often repeated on both digital and traditional that it doesn’t have any effect on the target audience anymore.

In those times, Weight was a campaign that got women excited. They placed scales all over Grand Central Station in New York and invited women to weigh themselves. The catch here was that women don’t see the weight they are but they get to decide what weight they want to see when they get on those scales. It was an empowering smart and small budget campaign that tackled the stereotype of body issues. The best part was that women were then able to experience the product which will help them get the results they have always desired. Success can be defined in a way that they got 204M impressions.

In Experiential Marketing even a small event could get successful the only trick is to select the right agency from where you get your experiential marketing service.

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