April 18, 2024

Factors Affecting the Quality of Vinyl Wraps

Vehicle graphics printing has become an important tool in the arsenal of business enterprises, as they use it to share important details about the company with their prospective customers. However, if you are interested in using this option, you may have to think of going for vinyl wraps. They are cost-effective and quite impactful, but a number of factors can affect their quality and effect. Let’s find out more about it.

Printing Process

Vinyl Wrap

The printing process used to prepare your vinyl wraps matters a lot. For printing on vinyl wraps, wide-format digital printers are required. These printers are quite different from the regular printers that are used at homes and in offices. They require technical expertise while handling and need professional assistance and supervision.

You cannot just print on any type of vinyl with the generalized profile. Each type of vinyl has its own particular print profile and code for the printer. This code directs the printer about the quantity of the ink and time for printing required for the specific vinyl material. You can get the desired results only if the appropriate amount of ink is laid on the vinyl.

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Ignoring the particular print profile according to your vinyl material will ruin your design. The outcome may be too bright or pale if the image is not printed with the right amount of ink and will not be appealing to the viewers. No matter how superior is your material and how classy is your design, an inefficient printing process will make all your efforts go down the drain.

Preparing Surface

Vinyl Wrap

Preparing the surface for wrapping vinyl is a tedious yet crucial stage of the process. After you are done with designing and printing your vinyl it’s now time to wrap it around the vehicle. To complete the process efficiently, you will first have to prepare the vehicle.

The surface of the vehicle must be free from any cracks or uneven patches before installing the wrap. The installer must trim and treat the complete surface before starting the install. Even the tiniest bump or a little crack will be a hurdle in the way of a smooth finished result.

The surface should be clean and free from any dirt particles or waxy residue before applying the vinyl wrap. The vinyl wrap won’t stick even if there is a tiny particle on the surface. It will more likely to leave its position after a short while which will shatter all the efforts.

The car must undergo a car wash a day before. It must be completely dried before starting the process. For removing waxy residue, the surface has to be cleaned with a special solution. In the end, the surface is rubbed with the alcohol to make sure no remainders are left. You must supervise this phase to avoid any glitches in the process.

As you can see that a tedious process is involved in selecting and having the vinyl wraps applied to your vehicle, so you will be better off working with the right professional to handle everything in a stress-free way.

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