February 25, 2024

Head Out and Enjoy Camping with Best Camping Grounds

Enjoy Camping with Best Camping Grounds

Do you dream of sleeping below a canopy of sparkling constellations? Eating gooey S’mores next to a sizzling campfire. You are not the only person who is dreaming about all this. Camping is as popular as always.

This is not because of the pandemic situation and limited vacation destinations due to lockdown. From epic hikes to outdoorsy gateways, cross-country road trips are like having a moment this year. You can ship a camper, your mobile home, and your RV anywhere you want to go to unwind all the stress and anxiety you are feeling because of staying at home the whole time. Ship a Car, Inc. is a reliable solution for hauling and shipping campers, RVs, motor homes, and travel trailers.

Ship a Car Inc has drivers having skills and experience for shipping RVs, Campers, and mobile homes. However, before you plan to ship your recreation vehicles, you need to have a destination in your mind for camping. So, put on your hiking boots, grab your gears and head out to one of the gorgeous locations for enjoying the best camping experience.

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San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, CA

You can find many things other than tech headquarters and cable cars in this NorCal city. The city has many camping opportunities and iconic destinations, from Muir Woods by the Bay to Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

The best camping sites in San Francisco are –

  • Kirby Cove campground
  • Bicentennial Campground
  • Backranch Meadows Campground

Now, let us talk about what you can expect from this city. Do you think you can expect to see the beauty of Oceanside camping, towering redwoods, and the view of Golden Gate Bridge? A pro tip for you do bring your camera with you on the camping trip.

Vancouver, WA

Vancouver, WA

This Washington city covers the area around the Columbia River. In fact, it is one of the biggest suburbs of Portland. Vancouver occupies the title of being the fourth biggest city in Washington. You can enjoy the best in both regions. You have easy access to foothills, rivers, and towering Cascade Range along with the Portland.

Above all, you will get to experience the endless backcountry wildness. Here you will get whatever you can wish for a camping destination.

The best camping grounds in the city are

  • Battle Ground Lake State park
  • Dougan Creek campground
  • Sunset falls campground

Other cities with their best Camping grounds

Below is a list of cities with their best camping grounds.

best Camping grounds

The best camping ground in Vista, CA

  • South Carlsbad State Beach campground
  • San Elijo State Beach campground
  • Dixon Lake

The best camping ground in Odessa, TX

  • Willow Draw campground
  • Balmorhea State park
  • Lake Colorado City State park

The best camping ground in Sparks, NV

  • Spark Marina RV park
  • Davis Campground
  • Logger Campground

The best camping ground in Salina, CA

  • Laguna Seca Recreation Area
  • Fremont Peak State Park
  • Hollister Hills State Vehicle Recreational area

The best camping ground in Billings, MT

  • Yellowstone River RV Resort and campground
  • Montana State parks
  • Ellison Ranch, Montana

I hope that this list will help you in choosing one of the best camping destinations for a relaxing yet exciting camping vacation.

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