December 5, 2023

How to Reduce the Stress of Relocating to a New Apartment

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It is impossible to avoid stress when you move to a brand-new apartment, no matter how well-organized and experienced you are. Some people compare the amount of stress gained while relocating to losing someone in the family, which might be an exaggeration, but not very far from the truth. If you fail to organize in time, the relocation becomes a much larger issue than it needs to be. The crew over at Gorila Movers helped me identify the highest obstacles I could easily overcome if I followed these steps:

Time to Dispose

Every person hoards things in some form or another, of course in different amounts, but it’s always present. It is highly unlikely you will wear an old jacket again that probably doesn’t fit anyway if you haven’t worn it for ten or more years. Throw away or donate old clothes to make the move easier, and take out old clothes from your closet.

A move begins with decluttering. The key to a successful move is to get rid of as many things you don’t need as you can. This is the perfect opportunity to finally do the right thing and dispose of items you’ve hoarded over the years.

A decluttering process also includes donating old furniture, kid’s toys, or anything you thought you’d ”throw away later”.

The process becomes much simpler and faster when packing fewer boxes.

Smart Packing


Smart Packing

It might seem that there is nothing more tedious or dumb than packing. Did you ever forget something of significance when packing for a vacation? Now you can’t afford these mistakes.

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You should start packing the moment you decide to move. Creating a packing plan is the next step after deciding you will move.

To begin with, you need decent boxes. You should start with things you don’t often use, like off-season clothes, books, or appliances that you won’t need for a while. Make unpacking easier by writing the contents of every box on the side. Try to pack every day rather than burying yourself in endless piles of boxes during the last few days.

It is also possible for valuable items to be damaged during the move. Be careful to pack everything in sturdy boxes so it does not get damaged. High-quality moving boxes are worth the investment because they provide durability and protection. Pack things from each room separately, and don’t move other parts of your old apartment until you are done with the current room. By doing so you will avoid confusion and it will be easier to mark boxes.

Ask for Help

Ask for Help

To simplify the experience without causing any damage to property, the idea is to try and ease it. Moving alone will only make things more difficult. Last time, I hired a professional moving company, aside from asking friends and family for assistance.

Moving involves more than just packing and decluttering. In order to transport the boxes and unload them at your destination, you will need a big vehicle and extra hands.

Unless you ask for help, the process will take a long time. When you schedule your move in advance, professional moving services are available 24/7. You may not be able to fully rely on your friends and family due to their busy schedules. Hiring movers is the best option, since they will help you with the most physically challenging part of moving.

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With a professional moving company, you can rest assured that your possessions will be handled with care and speed. Since more experienced people are handling the project, there is minimal damage risk.


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