July 22, 2024

How to Select the Right Pallet Inverter to Meet Your Needs?

Pallet inverters are equipment made specially to spin pallets that are completely laden with the product on them. They have numerous different uses to fix tilting and transferring issues in the warehouse, in addition to being frequently used to remove and replace defective pallets at the bottom of a palletized shipment.


A palettenwender (English Meaning = pallet turner or pallet inverter) can be used for rotating products so they will fit more compactly in a storage area or to stop the contents of the pallet from caking or settling over some time.

Types of pallet inverters

The following are a few different types of pallet inverters to choose from.

1.     Single clamp pallet inverter

This is a common option that comes in any size required to complete the task. This well-liked type rotates 180⁰ and is simple to load with a forklift.

These pallet tuners are suitable for lighter loads and are simple to operate and maintain. A few variants can support up to 4,400 pounds of merchandise at three different load heights.

2.     Dual clamp pallet inverter

Compared to the model mentioned above, this pallet inverter is a higher-grade device with a wider range. They can hold partial or smaller pallet loads while also supporting greater weights up to 104 inches.

Double-clamp pallet inverters are perfect for businesses that handle a number of different items because of their adaptability. These inverters’ better-balanced centers of gravity also result in transitions that are less abrupt.

3. Ground-level loading inverter

Pallet inverters with ground-level loading have docks that are leveled with the ground so that a pallet jack can be used to load and unload the inverter/turner rather than a forklift.

For spaces that a forklift cannot enter or places where forklifts are not permitted, such as clean rooms or production floors, ground-loaded pallet inverters are ideal.

4.     Ramp loading inverter

When designing a pallet inverter, difficult-to-handle materials were taken into consideration. For corrugated factories as well as industrial printers this can be an ideal option due to its higher gripping force.

These ramp-loading inverters offer an adjustable range for a variety of items and are loaded via a 6- or 8-foot ramp. Newspaper inserts, plastic sheets, and high-gloss materials all work fine with such loading inverters.

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5.     Stainless steel pallet inverter

You may turn Gaylord boxes or combos for pallet transfer using our stainless-steel pallet inverters without risking damage. The sidewall of these types of pallet inverters can be easily moved for cradling the goods and also avoids separation.

They can be loaded from the ground and are simple to clean because of their stainless-steel structure.

6. Low-duty pallet inverter

Are you a small to medium-sized company trying to find a solution for your pallet-transfer requirements? This can be your ideal option.


This affordable choice can invert twelve to fifteen loads per day to help your production line or warehouse run more efficiently. Use a low-duty pallet rotator/inverter in your company’s operation to reduce labor expenditures and merchandise damage to save money.

With this info, you can select the pallet inverter for your industry.

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