July 22, 2024

Learn About Expungement in Texas

There are times when we commit mistakes in this life and they can follow us for years. For example, having a criminal record in Texas, even without being convicted can affect your employment, credit scores, insurance rates, and of course, reputation in society. You might not be found guilty of the crime, but the arrest might remain on your criminal record.

This is why most people want to clear their criminal records and move ahead in their lives. Fortunately, this can be done through a process called expungement in Texas. For this, you need to meet a criminal defense attorney to understand the process for getting your criminal records deleted or blocked from public access.

Expungement in Texas

Gunter, Bennet, and Anthes, Attorneys at Law have been providing outstanding criminal defense in Austin, Texas for more than 65 years. They have a combined experience as proficient criminal lawyers who practice law, provide representation from the investigation stage through trial, and if required, appeal and clear criminal records.

They guide you through the entire legal process of how to expunge your criminal record and come out cleanly. Once you hire them, you can be assured of quick response to phone calls and emails with their first consultation being free.

Eligibility of Expungement in Texas


Filing an expungement petition in Texas involves the process of legally removing an individual’s criminal history records. It forces private companies and state agencies to take out references to your arrests in their electronic files and wipe out any hard files related to the arrest.

Expungement can be granted to a person in Texas only if:

  • Absence of any criminal charges filed against the person.
  • Was charged but got acquitted on appeal.
  • Charges against the person were later dismissed.
  • The person was found innocent after being convicted guilty.
  • The person was arrested but never tried and the prosecution approved of the expunction.
  • The person got a plea deal.
  • The person was convicted for offenses during childhood.


Cost of Expungement in Texas


Usually, the filing fees and the process in Texas are between $300 to $500. You can expunge more than one arrest case in a single petition, considering all the arrests were eligible. Most lawyers in Texas charge their fees for expunctions based on the number of lawsuits filed and not on the number of charges that need to be expunged.

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Cost of Expungement in Texas

Duration for Expungement in Texas


The legal process of expungement in Texas takes some time. However, the sooner the process begins, the better chance a person gets of returning to their life.

  • A hearing appointment takes 30 days after a request.
  • If your petition is granted, agencies might seal the records quickly.
  • It takes 60-90 days before your record starts to clear up.

For many individuals in Texas, expungement is a way to get a second chance and get their lives back on track. It increases your earning potential and brings greater peace of mind. Once your criminal history is expunged in Texas, you can legally deny being arrested in employment applications. This makes expungement a powerful and effective process in allowing the accused person to start afresh.

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