December 5, 2023

Learn If Joint Custody Is Best or Disadvantageous for Your Children

Going through a divorce process is taxing for couples as well as for their children. There is enough emotional trauma that the entire family has to bear when it comes to pursuing child custody with your ex-partner.

You will need strong legal aid to make it as painless as possible in your difficult times. They can help you in getting the child custody matter resolved at the earliest so that you will not have to go through extended trauma. Quick settlement is important here as it will reflect on the future of children.

child custody lawyer

The experienced attorneys from The Law Offices of Thomas Stahl in Maryland and Washington DC will help you navigate the challenging process of child custody while reducing the emotional stress involved. Thomas Stahl and his legal team follow the mission to provide high-quality advocacy and better guidance to couples going through a divorce process throughout DC and Maryland. They are also active on their Facebook account.

The firm has a successful history of 13 years representing those looking for divorce and child custody. Their divorce lawyers believe in easing the stress of this complicated process while also considering the best interests or relationships with your children.

While joint custody gives both the parents equal rights in deciding for the child, it includes two different kinds of custody:

  • Physical custody: where the child resides physically with one parent
  • Legal custody: refers to which parent gets to make the important decisions for the child regarding education, religious and medical decisions.

There are many reasons why in Maryland joint custody is considered to be both advantageous whereas in some cases not appropriate for the kids.

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child custody lawyer

Advantages of joint custody

  • Joint physical custody allows the kids to spend a good amount of time with both parents.
  • It also gives parents some time for themselves while the kid is with the other parent.
  • Both the parents get to have fun with the child while at the same time teaching discipline.
  • Joint legal custody is easier for both the parents and better for kids
  • It becomes easier when people have someone to consult with about big decisions.


It is good for children to have two loving parents who are deeply involved in their lives. However, making trips between two different homes with different rules and expectations takes a toll on the kids.

They barely get time to adjust at one home while they again have to be whisked back to the second home. This might make the child feel insecure, anxious, and depressed along with negative feelings.

  • Parents need to maintain stability and consistency between homes
  • They need to work cordially with each other in making decisions for the betterment of their kids.


child custody lawyer

Joint custody is not appropriate if a parent

  • Has a history of abusing physically or verbally
  • Is alcoholic

In such a case, the lawyer can help you out in presenting evidence. This can be used in court against joint custody for the safety of your children.

Out of court custody

If you are not sure if joint custody would work well for your kids, it may be better to try making an out-of-court settlement with the help of attorneys. With mediation and collaborative law, parents can participate actively in making major decisions. This way you can work as successful co-parents.

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Child custody issues can be challenging. If both you and your ex-partner can work together, you can save time and money and reach a mutually acceptable agreement.

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