December 5, 2022

How to Look Fashionable Without Spending A Lot

Look Fashionable Without Spending A Lot

It is a common assumption that a compelling style comes with a compelling bank account. It is true that money unlocks the world of better fashion but is a failure to instill any fashion sense in a person. Those having good taste are meticulous observers of the principles on which color synchronization works. They have a comprehensive understanding of designs and different aspects of outfits, and have in-depth know-how of how to play safe every time.

It is common for celebrities to be called fashion disasters or even worse, worst dressed celebrities, at some events. Moreover, some brands fail to satisfy their customers every time with their new collections of apparel. Therefore, money and taste are two different planets. However, the latter one is the only thing required. Revamping one’s wardrobe without blowing their budget is feasible if you have more sense of fashion in your mind than money in your wallet.

Let us dig into some tips (generalized for both genders) from experts that will bring out the fashionista inside you without costing you a fortune.

Buy with a strategy

Buy with a strategy

It is not advisable to never shop high-end apparel, but when you do, do it with a strategy. Being abreast with trends is overwhelming when you are on a shoestring budget. You feel like not missing out on any good piece just because of lack of funds.

If you are confident in not going bankrupt after having purchased at least one luxury brand of clothing, then go for one. It is wiser to buy one dress that you connect with instantly and feel it is made for you, and wear it over and over again, instead of trying to buy five cheap ones. Remember, expensive shopping is trading in comfort and quality; things that last longer than anything.

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Experimenting with your style to some extent is fine until you discover what your body is made for. But, investing real bucks for the sake of trying something different is mere foolishness. You have your existing wardrobe for this purpose. You will have to excrete some extra sweat and try out every single outfit lying there unworn for ages.

Look Fashionable

You will also have to do mix and match wearing and if you are extremely poor at it, study advice on color and outfit combinations by fashion experts, find for them in your closet and then put them on. You might surprise yourself with a top that you were almost about to give to charity because you were not able to find its perfect match before.

Once you are well equipped with the knowledge of your style statement, you can now shop safely for similar colors or styles instead of buying anything that comes your way that you “pretend” will look good on you.

Shop pre-loved apparel from thrift or consignment stores

Shop pre-loved apparel from thrift or consignment stores

There is not always a need to pay exorbitant amounts of money in times when the world is becoming more concerned about sustainable fashion by having thrift and consignment shops.

Thrift stores offer clothes and other goods, by the sale of which, charities are fed, whereas, consignment shops have timeless designer pieces, but, used. As the quality is uncompromised, the prices are a little higher than thrift shops, but at a fraction of their original cost. Now that is what we call fashion at a steal.

Keep an eagle’s eye on flash sales sites

There are websites that keep giving special offers and discounts on fashion clothing. Flash sales sites offer huge discounts on clothing for a very short period of time (mostly less than 24 hours) and with limited stock. More often than not, you can grab Luke designer apparel at a fraction of the real cost. Keep checking the sale hunting tools that bring information of sales going on different places at one place.

Shop off season

Shop offseason

Shopping clever is not easy. You have to be very witty and think like a seller. Even if you look like a fool shopping for trendy woolen jackets and sweaters on the scorching hot days of July, do not stop. We all know how marked down the prices of off-season clothing get.

Sell your old clothes and other stuff

How about not having to spend a single penny and still get yourself trendy and classy outfits? The digital world of online selling and buying has grown so much that there is a buyer even for those clothes you think are junk and are not worn for years. Not just your wardrobe, declutter all your cupboards when a new season is on the verge of commencing, and instead of throwing away what you consider “trash”, sell them. These can include accessories, shoes, books, etc.

Have your nails kept up

ails kept up

Some fashion figures consider well-looked-after nails as a whole fashion statement in itself. Therefore, just keeping them buffed up and leveled, painted with a decent color helps you appear put together without having to spend a penny.

Experiment with hairstyle

Hairstyle speaks volumes about one’s personality. If you have tried everything to look stylish but still find a missing place, try changing your hairstyle. Either change the way you part them, or play with their length, or the way you style them. Study your face shape and see which hairstyle will flaunt it the most. Also, changing the color of your hair after consulting a hairstylist might be just the sparkle your appearance is in need of.

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