July 22, 2024

Why Do We See Bags Occurring Under Our Eyes as We Age?

We notice many signs as we age, and bags under the eyes are also one of them. This is a mild swelling or puffiness that you can see under your eyes. This is a very common occurrence that happens with ageing as the eyes begin to weaken including the muscles supporting them.


Fat that support the eyes, begin to move to the lower eyelids, causing them to puff.  You may also have fluid accumulated under your eyes. Though this is not a serious condition, preventing and lightening these eye lines and 眼袋is a good sign.

Usually, this happens early due to no proper sleep, constant blinking, allergies, smoking, ageing, genetics and over usage of electronic gadgets.  You can get this sorted with some normal home remedies such as cold compresses that can improve its appearance. But for some difficult and bothersome under-eye puffiness, surgery would be an option.

At Rete’s, they can help you with many non-invasive treatment that can help you cover up these eye bags. They are professionals who are efficient enough to treat you with their high-end technology. They are in this industry for 10 years and their service charges are reasonable too.

Here are some symptoms to understand that you have these under-eye bags:

  • Mild swelling under your eye
  • Sagging or a loose skin
  • Dark circles

Occurring Under Our Eyes

下垂眼Usually will go away with some simple remedies, but it can be some warning signs when you see some other symptoms along with it i.e. irritation, eye pain, headache and vision problems.

Your doctor or a physician would check the possibilities and rule out any other health-related issues like thyroid disease, connective tissue disease, infection and allergy.

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So how can you prevent these eye bags from happening? 

Here are some simple answers to this question:

  • Get enough sleep as recommended
  • Stop or quit smoking as it is not good for your health
  • Reduce or quit the consumption of alcohol
  • Remove any makeup before you go to sleep
  • You can make use of an under-eye cream before you go to sleep
  • Apply sunscreen and wear sunglasses to avoid getting the eyes exposed to sun rays.
  • Excess sodium in food can cause water to get accumulated around the eye. Also try to drink water 2 to 3 hours before going to sleep, as it can reduce the puffiness around the eyes.
  • You can use boiled eggs. After peeling it, wrap it in a towel and when the temperature drops you can massage it around your eyes to improve blood circulation.
  • You can avoid spending too much time in front of the screen. Relax and take a break to avoid the eye from getting irritated.
  • Avoid too much of rubbing the eyes as it will cause the bacteria to enter the eye and cause eye sores.

In case of severe problems, there are many non-invasive procedures too. For example, a Rose V Intensive Rose Needle Free Thread Embedding. In this, high-density energy is passed through the skin which improves the fine 眼紋, wrinkles etc. For more information on the treatment, contact your physician immediately.

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