February 24, 2024

Permanent v/s Temporary Hair Extensions: What Are My Options?

Hair extensions have certainly come a long way in recent years, with women now having a number of different options available to them if they ever want to add length and volume to their hair.

Hair Extensions

If you’ve started looking into hair extensions, you will have noticed that there are both permanent and semi-permanent options, but how do you know which option is best for you?

We take a closer look at your hair extension options here.

Permanent Hair Extension Options

Permanent hair extensions are any extensions that need to be attached to your natural hair. You will need the assistance of a professional stylist for the application, maintenance, and removal of permanent hair extensions.

Here are the different options:

Hair Extensions

Weft Hair Extensions

This particular type of extension will add natural layers of hair to your head and since these extensions have a secure base, there is no need to be concerned about them slipping. Weft hair extensions can be attached using either beads or braids.

Keratin Hair Extensions

To attach these extensions, heat is used to fuse the keratin bond to your natural hair. If you happen to have very fine hair, this is the ideal option because the hair extensions won’t slip.

Tape Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

This is by far one of the most popular hair extension options. Not only are they light but discreet too, meaning they won’t place any additional strain on your natural hair. The adhesive that is used to attach Jadore tape hair extensions to your natural hair is safe yet durable, meaning you can enjoy longer hair for longer without damaging your real hair.

Micro-Bead Hair Extensions

Applied using the loop method, these hair extensions are clamped to your natural hair using small beads. Even though the beads can easily move with your hair shaft, they do add more weight to your natural hair.

Temporary Hair Extension Options

Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are the most popular hair extension amongst those who are looking for something a little less permanent and the great news is that you can apply, remove and treat them right at home.

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As the name suggests, the hair extensions are clipped into the hair to achieve longer hair in an instant. The hair can either be clipped in as a weft or as a ponytail, allowing the wearer to create new hairstyles without having to grow their own hair out or commit to permanent extensions.

Hair Extensions

It’s still never a bad idea to go to a salon so that they can take you through the dos and don’ts of applying for clip-in hair extensions at home, ensuring you achieve the most natural look possible. Also, if you are planning to dye your clip-in hair extensions, always get a professional stylist to do it as they will be able to match it to your natural hair color. Using box dye at home will only damage your new extensions, which can be especially detrimental if you’ve invested in extensions made from real human hair.

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