February 24, 2024

Do You Want to Repair the Screw Holes of Your Old Boat?

Whenever you decide to go for your boat interior renovation, you will mostly come across certain screw holes present in the teak, that was left from many different things that any prior boat owners might have hung on the wall.


Can you realize how many holes can be present on a 20-year-old boat? Perhaps, you will get tired after counting 50, but now the question is how will you repair the boat?

Your solution can be teak plugs that you can easily find on the market that can be used for filling all these screw holes.

Teak plugs can be used to effectively conceal screw holes from sight in teakwood. These plugs come in a variety of sizes and bundles. The size you require is determined by the size of your screw holes.

One question, however, that may come to your mind is whether you will prefer to fill these holes before or after you do the finishing of the teak. Most of you will prefer to do it before so that your repair would most likely blend in as you are going to apply the finish over it.

However, it might not seem very realistic to attempt to clean the teak, plug the holes several times because of potential shrinkage, and then be able to apply the finish within 24 hours of washing the teak.

Additionally, cleaning it once more after the repair is likely to undermine the work. Therefore, it will be appropriate to do it after the finish.


Some of you may also prefer to try first by using a bit of Wood Putty, but you will find that none of the colors will match the teak at all. Also, any color mixture that you may try may not match.

Another idea can be to visit any of the local wood shops in your city and you can ask them how can this be done. It is most likely that they will recommend trying with teak sawdust.

What you can do is collect a few amounts of sawdust of teakwood and then mix it with any wood glue and then try to fill all these holes. Most of these shops also sell such teak wood sawdust.

One thing you must keep in mind, though, is that epoxy should not be used because it typically cures black rather than teak-colored. The teak color of the sawdust won’t be impacted by the wood glue, and it can be cleaned off with water.

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Another crucial element to remember is that this method is meant to fill little rather than huge gaps. For holes larger than 1/4 inch, use bungs. Additionally, be aware that only you can witness the fix.

The number of screw holes in your boat will go unnoticed by visitors until you point it out. The only genuine “repair” is to replace the wood, which is not an option for the majority of us.


Sawdust and wood glue should only be combined in very small amounts at a time because the combination dries out really quickly. It won’t need much sawdust, just a spoonful will do.

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