December 5, 2023

Significance of Beeswax Candles in Religious Ceremonies

Everyone loves beeswax candles. They have a rich golden color, a stimulating yet mild scent, and a steady light. However, there are other reasons why they are preferred for religious rituals and ceremonies. Here we have discussed why beeswax candles hold such importance and why they are usually a part of rituals.

Importance of beeswax candles

Candles made from authentic beeswax have been a part of rituals for centuries. Several cultures have associated beeswax candles with different elements and God. For instance, for ancient Egyptians, these candles symbolized the sun. In contrast, for ancient Greeks, a symbol of the Goddess Artemis, and in Christianity, beeswax candles are associated with the light of God.

In many cultures around the globe, orthodox beeswax candles are even believed to have healing properties. Therefore, they are used in calming activities like yoga and meditation. Fortunately, getting your hands on these amazing candles is super easy nowadays. You can order them from Candles Fantasy. They have a variety of beeswax and natural wax candles. Whatever you want, you will find with them.

Apart from rituals, beeswax candles are even used in several cultural practices. For instance, Jewish use them while celebrating Hanukkah.

A little about beeswax

Beekeepers and enthusiasts know that beeswax is super enchanting stuff. It smells heavenly and has a rich golden color. Beeswax is known to burn longer and have a steady flame. However, the quality of beeswax may differ with its geographic location, and similarly, its melting point fluctuates from 144–147 F. These amazing properties make beeswax perfect for candles.

Importance of beeswax candles

Usually, beeswax used for candles is taken from capping. Even though it is clean compared to brood wax, it does have bits of honey, propolis, and pollen. It is therefore filtered, but not very thoroughly, as these impurities give beeswax candles their strong scent. This means a perfect candle is one that gives a tame flame and a strong aroma.

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The downside of beeswax candles

If you are considering the budget, yes, beeswax is comparatively expensive. However, that is not the point here. It is hard to believe, but some people find issues with beeswax candles.

Mostly, this is the case with people who love artificial fragrances. The thing is, beeswax cannot hold added scent as nicely as paraffin wax does. The natural scent of beeswax either gives tough competition to the added scent or completely overpowers it.

Next, dyeing can be an issue when it comes to beeswax candles. The rich golden colour of beeswax is a problem for those who wish to dye their beeswax candles. You can filter it thoroughly and remove all its impurities to make it lighter in the shade. However, if you are on a budget, using a cheaper wax rather than beeswax will be better.

beeswax candles

To conclude, irrespective of your reason for using a beeswax candle or how you choose to make your own, they will surely help connect with the spiritual world. So, whenever you light a beeswax candle now, please take a moment and think about what it symbolizes and recall its significance.

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