December 5, 2022

Things to do Whilst you’re Still a Student

Male and female students using laptops in classroom

From the age of 17 till the early 20s most of us are students and often we can’t wait for enough to grow up to become adults. Just because as a student you can’t wait to be done with weekly assignments, daily classes, and exams every two months.

However, once you enter into cooperate life you realize how much you missed out on things and how easy student life was.

This is a list prepared to help you do those things and get those experiences once you are an adult or finally get your degree.

1. Stop being the nerd

Stop being the nerd

Most students tend to be studying all the time in high school because they want to get into the college of their dreams and in university to get the job they desire. Stop doing that! I am not saying be irresponsible but doing all this chasing don’t forget to take along those memories and don’t miss out on the moments because at the end of the day – they will be all you remember.

2. Take a risk

Now, this doesn’t mean you go on to take drugs or steal things. However, take a small risk to trust me the rush they give you won’t get it anywhere else. For instance, you can get a fake id made and enter a club. However, be sure not to be caught and get a buy scannable fake id. Try to be confident so that you don’t get caught by the bouncers.

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3. Take a road trip

take a road trip

Now, this can be a road trip with your high school friends in the last summer before college, one to the concert you have been planning about or in college to visit a high school friend who studies in a different college. These trips will not only make your friendships stronger but give you memories and experiences you are bound to cherish forever.

4. Make a start-up or at least plan one

Every single person I have met always had a business plan which they talked about through college or through high school. But 90% of them never actually made it through because they were too scared to take the risk. So if you have a startup plan start doing it make plans, documents, and find sponsors. This is the right time to do it because you won’t be able to do it once you enter the cooperate world. Even if it fails you won’t at least regret that you never tried. Because if someone succeeds with the same idea you had nothing will be more painful than that.

5. Take guest lectures

Take guest lectures

Students tend to run away from guest lectures as far as they can and never attend them until a teacher makes them mandatory. However, this is where you go wrong! Guest speakers are industry leaders and people who have to succeed. Listen to them and take their advice because you never know what quote of them will help you in life. For instance, a guest speaker quoted once “Every no you receive will make you closer to the, yes you want, so never stop trying.” I never forget that and I made it my motto.

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6. Join those sororities and be social

Often with a busy routine being social and the thought of being in a sorority seems tedious. Though you don’t realize that you are missing out on the fun, the possibility of meeting the love of your life or making friends with like-minded people. The friends you find now will help you in the future find jobs or support you during hard times.

Join those sororities and be social

Student life won’t last forever and there will come a time when you will miss the relaxation you had whilst you were studying. Take this from someone who did all the things above but still things that there were a few things that I missed out on.

My biggest regret is that I never got to spend enough time with my family. Now the only time I see them are Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays.

So enjoy yourself to the fullest because of Esta vez no volverá – Adios!

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