January 31, 2023

What Works the Best for The Hair Care and Nail Development – Silicium or Biotin

Silicium and biotin are the two main compounds that are required for the healthy growth of hair and nail. The people that are extra conscious about their health will make sure that they analyse the ingredients to the last one, of everything that they use on their skin or eat in their daily life. Such people will look for supplements that are rich in these two compounds.

Silicium or Biotin

Fortisil is one of the many sources of the silicium compound. This is a synthetically prepared mixture and is loaded with all the required ingredients that can trigger the healthy production of hair follicles and nails. You can buy Fortisil capsules online from the right sources.

Silicium and Biotin 

Both silicium and biotin promote hair growth and the healthy maintenance of nails. When taken at the right dosages, both these compounds have many benefits for the users as they both promote the healthy maintenance of teeth, hair, nail, and skin in the long run. However, deciding what suits you best is the best way of finalising what to choose for your body’s health.

Benefits of Silicium 

The benefits of silicium to the users are many.

Some are listed below.

  • Silicium is known to deliver all the required nutrients to the root of the hair, which is the scalp region. Even though no such registries are stating that silicum can reverse the hair loss condition, some discoveries have proven that this compound can restrict the damage of hair in further conditions.
  • It is a naturally manufactured compound in the body in the collagen fibres. These fibres are required for the maintenance of the hair follicles at their best conditions, and also for avoiding the chances of hair thinning or breakage in further years.
  • Silicium is found abundantly in some food sources such as whole grains, leafy greens, bananas, and so on.
  • Silicium, when consumed from external sources such as Fortisil OSA” capsules will not cause any damage to your stomach.
  • No such dangerous side effects are registered after taking silicium from external sources.
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external sources

Benefits of Biotin 

Here are the benefits of taking biotin.

  • Biotin is also known as a Vitamin B7 source. Hence, taking it is like supplementing your body with some extra volumes of Vitamins to the body.
  • It is present in many food sources such as eggs, cauliflower, meat, and liver. Hence, there is no need to add something extra to your regular diet to provide biotin to your body.
  • When taken at the required dosages from some external sources such as Fortisil OSA”, biotin can rejuvenate the damaged or dull hair follicles to their former shiny and healthy self.

The possible side effects of taking biotin more than the required dosages can result in causing severe headaches, acne breakouts that will be painful, and stomach aches.

Now that you know the complete benefits of silicium and biotin to your body, you can decide what supplement is ideal for the regeneration of damaged hair and nail. While planning to start the Fortisil OSA” cycle, it is strictly suggested to consult your physician.

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