February 24, 2024

Dangerous Pests in Oklahoma Which You Must Know About

When it comes to Oklahoma, you can find so many pests here. It can be quite surprising to hear this number, but you can find more than 500 pests in Oklahoma. It is very important to stay away from all those bugs.


Otherwise, you might experience various health problems. Are all the bugs dangerous? No, only some bugs are dangerous and let’s discuss them here.

As it is difficult to differentiate the dangerous ones from the non-dangerous ones, it is essential to keep all the pests at bay. Even though some pests may not be dangerous, they can create a nuisance at home.

When it comes to Oklahoma, you can find two types of pests there and they are insects and arachnids. When it comes to insects, they are generally 6 legged ones. Some of them may have wings, while some do not.

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Flying Insects

You can find flying insects when you go for summer picnics. Their stings can be painful, but not deadly. But for individuals who are allergic to the poison or venom injected, it can be very dangerous. When these flying insects bite you, you need to immediately wash that area and apply a cold pack.

If you observe more swelling in that area, it is essential to contact a doctor. If you observe the signs of pest infestation in your house, it is essential to contact a pest control professional.

You might find different types of pest control products on market. However, some of them might not be effective as you think.

It might include dangerous chemicals, which can cause several problems when you inhale them. When you use a product regularly for pest control, the pests in your home or business might develop resistance towards it.


As a result, the product you are using will no longer show any results. For the best Lawton pest control, choose a service provider like Thunder Pest Control. Their team is very quick at removing pests from your house or business and ensures that the problem doesn’t arise again.

Crawling Insects

These crawling insects are usually not harmful. But some of their bites might cause pain. American oil beetles, Assassin bugs, and fire ants are some of the crawling insects.

When it comes to fire ants, are highly aggressive and when these creatures bite, it can cause severe pain. You would experience a kind of burning sensation when they bite.



Around 3 to 5 species of Scorpions can be found in Oklahoma. You may spot them in your garden or at places where you store waste materials like piles of wood or tiles etc.

The scorpion stings can be extremely painful compared to the stings of a bee. It is better to contact a medical professional when a scorpion stings.


Contact the various pest control companies in your location to get an idea about their pest control procedures and their service cost. Compare the service quality and service cost before making any decision.

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