February 24, 2024

How to Get a Quick Valuation on Your Motorbike

If you’re looking to sell your motorbike, but need to get rid of it quickly, sometimes you don’t have the time to go and have it valued, so how can you get a quick valuation to decide whether it’s worth selling or not?

Thankfully, rather than having to physically take your bike to be valued, there are now plenty of motorbike valuation websites such as MotorbikeTrader.co.uk and WeWantYourMotorbike.com, which don’t even need to see your motorbike, allowing you to get a valuation in a manner of hours.

So, how do they work? Well, the whole process is super easy. All you need to do is find a site and enter the bike’s registration number, as well as some basic details about the bike and that’s it!


Even if you don’t have the registration number to hand, you can still answer a few questions to get your valuation.

It usually takes about two minutes to fill out one of the online valuation forms and you can expect to receive your valuation within the hour!

It’s an incredibly fast and simple process and much quicker than taking your bike to be valued in person.

An added bonus of these sites though is that as well as valuing your bike, they can also buy it off you.

This means that you can go from deciding you want to sell your bike to having the money in your account within 24 hours, which is great if you’re desperate for a quick sale.


There are a couple of things you can do to speed the process up too, such as making sure you have all the relevant documents ready, such as the V5 logbook/registration certificate, a couple of forms of identification, service history, and MOT certificates, and any finance settlement letters.

if you were to get a rough valuation elsewhere, there are no guarantees that that’s the actual price that you’re going to get when you come to try and sell it, and you’ll often find yourself getting knocked down on price.

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However, with bike valuation sites, they’ll buy the bike for the price they give you, with no haggling, so you can be certain of the valuation.

Of course, you can always take your bike to a dealership to be valued, but not only will this take longer, but you also don’t always get a fair price as they’re looking to sell the bike for the biggest margin possible.


There’s also the possibility that you could get caught out by a scammer if you choose to sell privately.

Sometimes, people worry about how accurate a valuation can be if the valuer hasn’t actually seen the bike in person.

While this is a valid concern, such sites have huge teams of experienced motorbike experts who have valued hundreds, if not thousands of bikes in their time. Essentially, they eat, drink and sleep bikes, so they know their stuff!

They’re able to gather a lot of information from your registration number and the other details that you provide and when you combine this with their own knowledge, you end up with a pretty accurate (and quick) valuation.

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